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Providing exceptional customer service is how our business began. Each of our founders began servicing shops in our own trucks. We all went out of our way to be sure our customers had what they needed  and when they needed it, no matter how big or small the need was. That is why we were successful. It’s how we did business then and how we do business today. Jazmin understands our company culture and understands our commitment to our customers and servicing their needs to be successful and grow their business.

Jazmin says, “I really like dealing with our guys and their shops. Helping everyone get what they need is fun and satisfying.  It’s so important to shop owners and their managers to get their jobs done, done right, and done on time and I love to help. If you need catalytic converters, a case of filters, a drum of coolant, or just a box of gloves — give me a call. I’ll be sure it’s delivered tomorrow.