About USA Automotive Supply

Our Management and Operations Team



Five of us started this company 15 years ago.  We all had our areas that we serviced and we all knew each other through the business. We started talking and realized we could accomplish much more if we worked together. More than five years ago now we incorporated. Since that time we’ve grown steadily. We opened our San Jose distribution center last year and that has really helped our delivery times.

My goal is to continue to build a strong foundation to grow upon. Adding the website is a big step and what you see today is just the beginning of our move to digital and electronic sales, both on the Web and at your facility.

Be assured that you will never lose the personal touch from USA Automotive Supply and our team that serves you. Although before long you will be able to order online,  our team will continue to visit your business, making sure you have the on-hand stock you need.

We see your business as an extension of ours. As you are, we are also as proud as we are diverse. We respect you and your space, and will endeavor to take care of the area our products occupy as if it was our own. We will continue to grow our lines and offer you the options of OE, premium and economy solutions.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to continue to work with you.

— Yousef


Vice President

Besides being our vice president, Walid is both our warehouse and purchasing manager. Walid and his right-hand man, Abe along with the warehouse team keep our shelves full and our trucks rolling. At any one time, there is a lot going on in our warehouse. Walid, Abe and the entire team do an outstanding job keeping everything moving..

Always looking to improve operations, Walid has recently reorganized the warehouse, separating incoming and outgoing freight. “Making this move has streamlined our operations. Now the incoming freight is being unloaded at the dock as our delivery trucks are being loaded on the other side of the building. As our Web presence grows, our future will include a shipping department. It is an exciting time for our company,” Walid says. “We look forward to the expansion of our business to include the World Wide Web.”


Manager of San Jose Distribution Center

One of USA Automotive Supply’s founders, Tony is the manager of our San Jose distribution center. “My focus and goal is to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and happiness with our products and service,” Tony says.  “With the addition of our website, we will easily show our customers our complete list of products, from drums of oil to boxes of gloves. All of us work hard to be sure we have the right products and to continue to provide better, faster service. My team is eager to serve your shop and your customers.”


Accounting Staff : Racha and Marla

The backbone to every company is the accounting department and our company is no different. Payables, receivables, order processing, inventory reconciliation payroll and customer service are all part of the job. Laith and his team keep USA Automotive Supply on track. They are a huge part of what we do. Like all of us, as we grow, our accounting staff will face challenges and I know we have the best team to do the job.

“I love my job,” Laith says. “I have a wonderful team and they approach every day with a smile. We are very excited to make the move to digital sales and ordering. In the near future, our customers will be able to order online and our business will grow beyond our current borders. It’s exciting and challenging and something we are looking forward to.”


Sales & Marketing

The newest member of USA Automotive Supply’s management team, Steve Sharp, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. With past experience as a national sales manger, marketing director and an advertising agency manager —  all in the automotive market —  Steve has what it takes to help take us to the next level.

Steve has a vision for our company and it’s very exciting. We’ve worked together for the past two years as he was our factory representative for some of our biggest lines.  We’re excited to have him on our team and this website is just the beginning of what Steve has planned for us.